Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's the state of Downtown? It's ALIVE!

It, the local 18th Annual State of Downtown event, was subtitled "Urban Kinesis" to describe how the city's "movers and shapers" are harnessing our collective energy to reshape the city core.

One of the challenges made to the audience of 650+ was that as Downtown begins to rise, we must move beyond continuing to proclaiming Sac's potential.  Together we must harness DT's momentum and turn it into Kinetic Energy, bring DT to life!

Check out where we are... DSP's stunning new video

The event's speakers explored opportunities that would harness our potential and make Sacramento the world-class city it's meant to be.  And I would add; it should keep it's uniqueness too.  That small town charm combined with a rich diversity of people, places and things.

And clearly city leaders want to learn from others.  Keynote Speaker Ron Blatman, Exec Producer/Producer of  Saving the City:Remaking the American Metropolis, a multi part TV series in the making, presented a fascinating slide show that focused on successful and unsuccessful  urban redevelopment of downtowns and nearby neighborhoods.  His question: How do we make our city centers more alive?

A lot of food for thought...

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