Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rebirth with a (re)purpose!

King's owner, Vivek Ranadive has said he is committed to building the "greenest arena in the greenest state in the country"

And he's getting it done!  All but 2% of the Downtown Plaza's demolished buildings have been recycled or re-purposed. In about 8 months the project has generated the equivalent of 3 years worth of recycled material typically recycled by the citizens of Sacramento. Click here for more...

Perhaps this is why the early ESC renderings looked to some like a "crushed aluminum can"!  Their vision got mixed up with the image of a recycled mall!

Or perhaps our shortage of residential housing in Downtown and Midtown can use some of the Downtown Plaza's rubble to re-purpose some buildings into places to live?

(Photo courtesy of SacBizJournal/InsidePublications))

Sunday, March 22, 2015

ESC rising!

March brings vertical momentum to the Downtown Arena!  Here are two images and videos tracking the progress of construction of the Entertainment and Sports Complex (ESC)...

The King's Practice and Office Facility is being built right next to the arena and it started with a PURPLE steel beam being hoisted in place - the first of about 9,000 tons of steel being used to build the downtown area.  And did you know this beam will also become the centerpiece of King's owner Vivek Ranadive's office?

The new arena's  foundation is also making steady progress too; here's a look at the work as of March 9th, 2015

(Photos courtesy of Fox40 News and Sacramento Bee, video courtesy of Vimeo)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Question: What's the current Downtown/Midtown residential market look like?

Answer: It's nice if you can get it.  But unfortunately,  there's just not a lot of homes in these neighborhoods.  Yet.

Here's a February 2015 Trendgraphix Market Summary for the Downtown and Midtown zip codes (95811,95814 and 5816) showing the number of homes For Sale, Sold and Pended (in contract):

Just 44 homes available For Sale in February!

If you'd like to check on current Price per Square Foot for the DT/MT area click here , or to see the current DT/MT  Average Price For Sale and Sold + the Median price click here

Prospective sellers should take note of the lack of competition IF they are thinking about selling!  :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coloring INSIDE the (purple) lines

Sacramento's Entertainment & Sports Center (AKA Downtown Arena) hit another milestone yesterday by "going vertical" for the first time.  The first of many steel beams - appropriately colored purple - was hoisted into place at the area job site.
"Live" from DTSac

See more construction photos from the BJ.