Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sacramento's Farm to Fork was another great success with 50,000 people attending the FREE festival on Capitol Mall.  There were well over 100 vendor booths plus cooking demonstrations, live music and more packed the Mall from 3rd to 7th streets.  Check out this  video of the event.

And what about next year?
The lines were long in some cases so as organizers start planning for next year, they're mindful that they don't want to be killed by their own success.  Downtown and Midtown will again be involve - read more...

Images and videos from Sac Bee and SBJ

Friday, September 25, 2015

FOOD! Multiple courses are coming to a plate near you!

This weekend kicks off our city's 3rd annual Farm to Fork event but there's a lot more courses coming after the dishes are done!

UCD and Rice Growers are sponsoring a speaker's series. Sac State's has planned a farm to fork academy for high students...

Then there's the Food Bloger's convention coming to town, and food will be the talk of the town, here and hopefully around the globe...

Next up... A Food Conference - The Food Tank - looking at the entire food system...

 Click here for more food courses...

Content and images from the SBJ

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Downtown Plaza? So yesterday! Meet Downtown Commons

The Sacramento Kings and JMA Ventures LLC Are re-branding the former staid and uninspired Downtown Plaza as they build a new entertainment and retail center.  The brand projects a new vitality and energy and gives us a glimpse of great new experiences soon to be found in Downtown.

[ And while the current focus of "the Commons" is a 6 block Downtown district, local leaders expect the brand to eventually come to include Midtown too.]

Designed as a destination for locals and travelers alike, it will be where friends and families will hang out and visitors from around the world experience Sacramento at its best.  They aim to make Sacramento the next Great American City and the common ground will be Downtown Commons or "DoCo".


Check out their press release...Downtown Commons and the DOCO website!.  You will not be disappointed!