Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cell phone use while driving - NOT! (except when looking for parking)

The city is actively overhauling the Downtown Parking system using a combination of smart tools and experimentation.  They're catching up to other "destination cities".

As the public drives to events at the new arena they (or better yet whoever is riding shotgun) can check their smart phones for available parking in garages and on city streets - and they'll be able to check prices and perhaps pay for garage spots in advance too.

Smart meters have been deployed that allow you to add money and avoid a ticket from your smart phone so you can watch the Kings win in overtime, have a nice relaxing dinner or enjoy an  concert encore.

And now SPOT zones are being tried out in Old Town and the Handel District. SPOT (for Special Pricing Over Time - AKA "dynamic parking") would allow residents and visitors to extend their parking time beyond the metered limit, as long as they're willing to pay a premium.
This new technology will give the city's parking authority the ability to monitor demand based upon what is happening at Downtown Commons.  Actually, the City spent about $8M before the ESC was approved to upgrade the city's parking technology - and that investment has apparently already nearly paid for itself with improved parking efficiency and revenue.

Midtown could be next  For more details about Sacramento' parking go to more about parking plans ...

Sources: SacBee, DSP, City of Sacramento

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