Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Erector set...Big Time!

The downtown arena, aka the Entertainment and Sports Complex... aka Kings Arena that's anchoring and activating the re-birth of our civic center is taking shape!

Exterior framework is up - you're starting to get that "crushed aluminum can" feel ...

 ...and they're constructing the framework for the roof...

From the bowels and the bowl: A look from down at the level where the Kings and the concerts will play shows how the supporting roof trusses, the framework that will support the roof shell, are being put in place...

When I visited the site, the first major cross member was 2/3 built and was being tied to the south east side arena wall at L street.

Where's my seat?
...the future?
Future Grand Entrance!

..Future visitors locker room, kitchen operations etc
And finally, the current "no-where bridge" to the past: the future connector to a renovated Downtown Plaza which will soon be built (and Midtown will be welcome too!)


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