Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Friday, July 17, 2015

Transformers - the developers at 700 K Street...

Recently, I was part of a fascinating walking tour of the south side of the 700 block of K Street being redeveloped by CFY Development.  Despite the 102 degrees that day what we saw was very cool!

Ali Youssefi, VP of CFY Development pointed to the historic facades of his company's latest project, those 1930's to 1970's something store fronts, many now held up by long metal crutches, and told us "we are going to keep as much of the original faces of these buildings as possible".  And with that we took an inside out tour of the shells as they are being reborn to be tomorrow's happening places.
A former theater's original Frank Carson 1970's mosaic will be retained

If you've ever been to or seen photos/images of the great cities of Europe, with their wide sidewalks, cafes studded with outdoor seating and people enjoying the day, then you'll start to see where this part of The Kay is headed.  With a 40 foot expanse between the building fronts and the center of the mall, the block will someday soon be an exciting place to linger.

Inside, work is going on to prepare the street, basement and mezzanine levels for future chic and interesting restaurants and bars that will feature farm to fork local foods prepared by expert chefs.

Getting above it all in Downtown/Mitown.  Behind the businesses will be 137 mixed income apartments of varying sizes and rent levels from studios to penthouses.  These high rise apartment homes have been set back 90 feet from the storefronts so as to avoid the tunnel effect they would create if they were built above the businesses.  Very Thoughtful!

  Fifteen units will have mall views

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