Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Can you name the 6 Downtown Districts?

Did you know there are 6 distinct, Downtown neighborhoods, AKA Districts?  Each with a distinctive flavor born of history...  How many can you name?  [Part 1 of 3 parts]

Let's start with the Capitol Mall District:

It's among Sacramento's most prestigious business address, with inspiring views of the Sacramento River, State Capital and even the Buttes and snow capped Sierra's to the north and west on our frequent clear and sunny days.

Bounded by 7th and 2nd Streets between L and  and N Streets, the Capitol Mall District offers a majestic entrance to the capital from the west.  And, it's "home" to over 71,000 daytime employees!

Next up, The Civic Center District:

The Civic Center District is a nexus for City, County, State and Federal (and some would even say International) governmental activity.  It's distinguished by historic architectural landmarks such as the Rudolph A. Herold's City Hall, Masonic Temple and the Capital National Bank building within its 19 block boundary of H, J and I Streets between Interstate 5 and 13th Street.

The Civic Center is also about "Going Places": Its a key connection hub as a major entry point into Downtown with access to major freeways. and as a gateway to the Rail Yards and Amtrak's Sac Valley Station - the 7th busiest railway station in the entire Amtrak system!  And did you know that Cesar Chavez Park is one of the oldest parks in California?

Info and Image Sources: Downtown Sacramento Partnership

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