Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DT Parking for events at Golden 1 Center: planning ahead vs panic

With about 125 days until doors open to the public, people are beginning to think about where they are going to park when they go to the Golden 1 Center.  And many are worried.

On the surface not much seems to going on, but underneath, many have been
working hard to prepare for opening day (like ducks, calm on top, paddling like heck underneath).

A phased approach...  1st, Smart Meters; now Spot Zones:

Parking areas getting wised up. Known as Spot Zones they are being phased in around DT initially in 4 zones with Zone 1 being closest to the DT core and Zone 4 being the farthest away.  Parking meter rates, and the amount of additional time you can buy, will vary by zone and can will be adjusted by parking enforcement based upon demand - expect to pay more during DT events.  The idea is to allow you to add time to your meter from your mobile phone up to a maximum depending on which zone you're in.  It's going to be convenient but not cheap.

 I used the Parkmobile app at Crocker Park recently - it's easy and very cool

Sacramento City's urban parking strategy is designed for those who PLAN AHEAD.  Smart meters and Spot Zomes will give you lots of flexibility to vary the amount of time you are parked.  But that convenience has a price.  The rate structure is designed to encourage people visiting DT to use garages for longer stays such as for events at Golden 1 Center.

Next up... City garage technology update...  Don't think about driving to the arena to find parking, think: drive to a parking spot you've paid for before leaving home, then walk to the arena...

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