Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Saturday, December 27, 2014

From a Hole, comes a Bowl...

Just a few months ago demolition began of 2/3rds of the Downtown Plaza on K Street to begin to make way for the new, state of the art Entertainment and Sports Center (the ESC).  Demolition went well and excavation is proceeding on schedule with contractors working every day of  the week except Sunday and ending their day as promised at 11 PM (except for one incident that went later due to a sub-contractor not adhering to the schedule – but that was quickly corrected).

With the removal of the demolished buildings finished, the workers are now digging out a huge hole in the ground that is to become the stadium seating bowl for many future entertainment and sports events; and the work is going fast – hauling out a truck load of dirt and material every 3 1/5 minutes!

Going down to come back up.  They’ll get down to about 4 feet above the water table; that’s what they need to support the micro piling equipment that will drill down to bedrock below to secure the new building.  The micro piling equipment consists of 8 foot sections of drills screwed together as they are bored into the ground.

The majority of the seating for the new stadium will be below ground level and the seating structure will be built with pre-cast concrete from the West Sacramento firm of Clark Pacific.

For now we see a huge hole in the ground but the owner’s goal is to have some event going on there 360 days a year!  Stay tuned for more…

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