Sactown Urban Update

Sactown Urban Update

Saturday, June 28, 2014

ESC: Entertainment & Sports Complex: Construction begins soon... What's the impact on the public?

ESC: Entertainment And Sports Complex: Noise/an eye on progress/Truck traffic

Will the demolition and construction that’s about to begin at the K Street Mall be as noisy and distracting as large construction projects often are?

Turner Construction and the other contractors involved in this project are taking a “3 M” approach to try to lessen the noise and dust: that's Mitigation through Means and Methods.  They have considered how they will go about working through the project (the “means”) and looked at the “methods used” to limit the noise, dust and distraction.  For example; rather than using  pile drivers they will be drilling holes in the ground to place the building support beams and will be draping sound absorbing material on the interior of the site fencing and safety barriers to help muffle the noise.  And a host of other techniques, large and small…

Want to see what’s going on?  NO texting while driving, and no rubbernecking either!  The L street perimeter will have a solid construction fence/barrier that will not permit gawking – but on a good note it has sound absorbing lining on the construction side to help dampen some of the sounds from the site. But, you’ll be able to see what is going on at the corner of L and 5th and J and 5th.  Streets.  At those corners there will be sections of chain link fencing left open without paneling  so pedestrians can see what is going on.   And inside the mall there will also be large “portals” cut into the construction barriers that will separate the remaining west end of the mall from the goings on at the building site.
And pedestrians on the surrounding streets, J, L and, 7th streets and the western end of the K street mall will find Routing Maps to guide them around the construction site.  Easily visible signs will also be posted throughout the project with a phone number to call if you have a concern about what is going on – and we've been promised a quick response to public inquires.

During demolition and construction, when a steady stream of trucks will be hauling away materials to recycling centers and later on bringing in new materials to the site - they will be staged on vacant parcels a few blocks away from the project and radioed in to the site on demand so that they do not clog up J and L streets and the freeway on and off ramps.  They've devised a route that from the north will take them from Interstate 5 to Richards Boulevard to 7th Street or from the south on Interstate 5 to Q Street and 7th Street to the staging area.

Next up: What is happening at the Capital Towers – the Sacramento Commons Project? 

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